Course 3

CRI Academy is the online extension of Crisis Response International’s disaster relief and crisis response training and certification program. Our vision is to train and mobilize people just like you to crisis situations around the world to bring God's love and mercy where it's most needed.

Course 3 is an advanced training course that goes deeper into topics included in Courses 1 & 2 as well as introducing new topics associated with effectively ministering to individuals affected by crisis. It includes topics such as crisis intervention, theology of trauma and grief, impacts of stress, the psychological reaction to crisis, suicide intervention and postvention, and much more.

Regardless of, if or how often, you deploy with CRI, this online Academy will help you be much better equipped to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in the midst of crisis and disaster anywhere you are.

CRI Academy online courses are designed for individual use only. For information about video seminars for churches or use of CRI Academy for a small group please email

How it works

Participation in this course requires watching videos, taking notes and completing questions to advance forward. You will need to complete all videos and answer all questions throughout each chapter. To proceed from one chapter to the next, click on the green button in the bottom right corner. Not every video has corresponding questions, but most do. You’ll need to correctly answer 80% of the questions to earn a passing grade. If you answer a question incorrectly, just continue by clicking the green NEXT button and you will have an opportunity to re-answer the question at the end of the quiz if needed. When you see the green check mark next to the corresponding chapter in your navigation menu (located on the left-hand side of the screen), you’ll know you’ve completed it successfully.

The course takes about 16 hours to complete; however, you can work through the course at your own pace! At the end of the course, you will be asked to fill out a brief form in order to create your own personal responder profile in our Responder Level System (if you have not already done so). This will keep track of your online and / or live training events as well as deployments, other achievements so that you are adequately credentialed and receive all CRI Responder benefits and deployment notifications, and updated badges. (See more about the Responder Level System at

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Responder Level System
    • Responder Level Credentialing
  • 2
    Chaplaincy Overview - Mickey Stonier
    • Mickey Stonier Interview
    • Chaplaincy Overview
    • Need for Chaplaincy (Part 1)
    • Need for Chaplaincy (Part 2)
  • 3
    Crisis and Crisis Intervention
    • Defining Crisis
    • Foundation for Crisis Intervention (Part 1)
    • Foundation for Crisis Intervention (Part 2)
  • 4
    Defining Chaplaincy
    • Defining Chaplaincy (Part 1)
    • Defining Chaplaincy (Part 2)
  • 5
    Theology of Trauma and Grief
    • Theology of Trauma
    • Basic Grief
    • Faith and Crisis
  • 6
    Impacts of Stress
    • Impacts of Stress (Part 1)
    • Impacts of Stress (Part 2)
    • Impacts of Stress (Part 3)
    • Impacts of Stress (Part 4)
    • Impacts of Stress (Part 5)
    • Impacts of Stress (Part 6)
  • 7
    Psychological Reaction to Crisis
    • Psychological Reactions to Crisis
    • Post Traumatic Stress
  • 8
    Impacts of Trauma on Children and Adolescents
    • Impacts of Trauma on Children and Adolescents
  • 9
    Crisis of Faith
    • Crisis of Faith (Part 1)
    • Crisis of Faith (Part 2)
    • Crisis of Faith (Parts 1 & 2) Quiz
  • 10
    Chaplaincy Benefits, Challenges, and Communication Techniques
    • Chaplaincy Benefits and Challenges
    • Chaplaincy Benefits and Challenges Quiz
    • Chaplaincy Communication Techniques
    • Chaplaincy Communication Techniques Quiz
  • 11
    Self Care
    • Self Care (Part 1)
    • Self Care (Part 2)
    • Self Care (Part 3)
    • Self Care (Part 4)
    • Self Care (Part 5)
  • 12
    Suicide Intervention and Postvention
    • Suicide Intervention and Postvention (Part 1)
    • Suicide Intervention and Postvention (Part 2)
  • 13
    Critical Incident Stress Management Intervention
    • Critical Incident Stress Management Intervention
  • 14
    Compassion Fatigue - Sean Malone
    • Recognizing Compassion Fatigue
    • Results of Cumulative Stress
    • Path to Wellness
    • How Did We Get Here?
    • Are You Suffering From Compassion Fatigue?
  • 15
    Recognizing PTSD
    • Recognizing Trauma and PTSD
    • How People Respond
    • Personal Stories
    • Factoring the Severity
    • Normal Reactions
    • S.A.F.E.R. Model
  • 16
    Intro to PTSD - Mike Hutchings
    • Intro to PTSD
    • What is PTSD (Part 1)
    • What is PTSD (Part 2)
    • PTSD and the Brain
  • 17
    PTSD Healing Prayer Model
    • Healing Prayer Model
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 1
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 2
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 3
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 4
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 5
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 6a
    • Healing Prayer Model 6b
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 7
    • Healing Prayer Model Step 8
  • 18
    Healing Through Prayer
    • Healing Through Prayer Part 1
    • Healing Through Prayer Part 2
    • Healing Through Prayer Quiz
  • 19
    Healing Prayer Conclusion