Disaster Chaplaincy - Basic

Welcome to the Disaster Chaplaincy Track!

This course is designed to equip you how to minister in the context of crisis, and start you on your way to becoming a CRI Chaplain, if you so choose. You will find excellent videos from first class instructors, followed by a short quiz to complete, along with some notes and brief bios on our instructors.

This Track is divided into two segments, Basic and Advanced; you are in the Basic segment. The Basic is required to become a CRI Chaplain; the Advanced will be required to progress from Assistant Chaplain to Field Chaplain. To become a CRI Chaplain, you must be a CRI Responder and carry out the application process found on the Chaplaincy page on our website. You may apply any time, but will not be approved until you have met all requirements, including having done at least one deployment. More information on chaplaincy levels, commitments, requirements, and responsibilities of CRI Chaplains can be found here on our Chaplaincy page.

The Basic section includes a simple introduction to chaplaincy and crisis ministry, training in emotional and spiritual first aid using CRI's 7 step model, sessions on loss and grief, theology of suffering, self care, and the importance of preparing your own heart for this work. The Basic training is the same as is found in Course 1 of CRI Academy and contains the material required for those interested in becoming a CRI Chaplain.

We are excited for your interest in our Disaster Chaplaincy Track! We would love to hear your feedback on the course, both what you liked and where we can improve. Please consider writing a review, sharing what you've learned with your friends, and encouraging others to check it out themselves. Help us train more chaplains and reach the harvest in crisis!

If you have any trouble with the course or input to share, please contact criacademy@criout.com. If you need more information about our Chaplaincy program, contact chaplains@criout.com. If you are interested in becoming a CRI Responder, go to www.criout.com.


Make sure there is a green check by all videos and quizzes when you have completed the course!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to Disaster Chaplaincy Track - Basic
    • Disaster Chaplaincy Track - Basic
  • 2
    1. Intro to Disaster Chaplaincy
    • Ronnie Wiley Interview
    • Disaster Chaplaincy Vision
    • Disaster Chaplaincy Vision Quiz
    • Disaster Chaplaincy
    • Disaster Chaplaincy Quiz
    • Motivation for Chaplaincy
    • Motivation for Chaplaincy Quiz
    • Equipped as Sons
    • Equipped as Sons Quiz
  • 3
    2. Intro to Crisis Ministry
    • Mary Leonard - Biography
    • Mary Leonard Interview
    • Mary's Intro to Crisis Ministry Notes
    • Ministry in Crisis
    • Ministry in Crisis Quiz
    • Reframing Crisis
    • Reframing Crisis Quiz
    • Called to Go, Called to Stay
    • Called to Go, Called to Stay Quiz
    • Emotional and Spiritual Care
    • Emotional And Spiritual Care Quiz
    • 4 Stages of Emergency Management
    • 4 Stages of Emergency Management Quiz
    • 4 Phases of Disaster Recovery
    • 4 Phases of Disaster Recovery Quiz
    • The Three R's
    • The Three R's Quiz
    • Mitigation of the Great Falling Away
    • Mitigation of the Great Falling Away Quiz
  • 4
    3. Seven Steps of Emotional & Spiritual Care
    • Mary's 7 Step Notes
    • Step #1
    • Step #1 Quiz
    • Meet Basic Needs
    • Meet Basic Needs Quiz
    • Listen (Part 1)
    • Listen Part 1 Quiz
    • Listen (Part 2)
    • Listen Part 2 Quiz
    • Listen (Part 3)
    • Listen Part 3 Quiz
    • Listen (Part 4)
    • Listen Part 4 Quiz
    • Listen (Part 5)
    • Listen Part 5 Quiz
    • Listen (Part 6)
    • Listen Part 6 Quiz
    • Normalize (Part 1)
    • Normalize Part 1 Quiz
    • Normalize (Part 2)
    • Normalize Part 2 Quiz
    • Normalize (Part 3)
    • Normalize Part 3 Quiz
    • Normalize (Part 4)
    • Normalize Part 4 Quiz
    • Next Step (Part 1)
    • Next Step Part 1 Quiz
    • Next Step (Part 2a)
    • Next Step (Part 2b)
    • Next Step Part 2 Quiz
    • Refer
    • Refer Quiz
    • Offer Prayer
    • Offer Prayer Quiz
    • Review
    • Review Quiz
  • 5
    4. Loss and Grief
    • Mary's Loss and Grief Notes
    • Loss and Grief (Part 1)
    • Loss and Grief Part 1 Quiz
    • Loss and Grief (Part 2)
    • Loss and Grief Part 2 Quiz
    • Loss and Grief (Part 3)
    • Loss and Grief Part 3 Quiz
    • Loss and Grief (Part 4)
    • Loss and Grief Part 4 Quiz
  • 6
    5. Self Care
    • Mary's Self Care Notes
    • Self Care
    • Self Care Part 1 Quiz
    • Self Care Part 2
    • Self Care Part 2 Quiz
    • Self Care Part 3
    • Self Care Part 3 Quiz
    • Self Care Part 4
    • Self Care Part 4 Quiz
    • Self Care Part 5
    • Self Care Part 5 Quiz
  • 7
    6. Healing of our Hearts
    • Mary's Healing of our Hearts Notes
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 1)
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 1) Quiz
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 2)
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 2) Quiz
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 3)
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 3) Quiz
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 4)
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 4) Quiz
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 5)
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 5) Quiz
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 6)
    • Healing of Our Hearts (Part 6) Quiz

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