Complete Disaster Chaplaincy Course

 The Disaster Chaplaincy Bundle Includes both Basic and Advanced.

CRI Academy is the online extension of CRI’s internationally recognized training program. Our vision is to train and mobilize people just like you to reach the harvest in crisis and rebuild cities on the Kingdom of God.

The Disaster Chaplaincy Track is open to everyone, with no prerequisites. It's designed for anyone wanting to be equipped to minister in crisis situations. CRI strongly values meeting the practical needs of people in crisis, and believes meeting the emotional and spiritual needs are just as important, if not more so. We therefore encourage everyone, not just chaplains, to get equipped in the topics presented here.

The Disaster Chaplaincy Track is broken into two sections - Basic and Advanced. The Basic section includes a simple introduction to Chaplaincy and crisis ministry, training in emotional and spiritual first aid using CRI's 7 step model, sessions on loss and grief, theology of suffering, self-care, and the importance of preparing your own heart for this work. 

In order to actually apply to become a CRI Chaplain, you must be a CRI Responder and carry out the application process listed on the Chaplaincy page, which also has information on the commitments, requirements, and responsibilities of CRI Chaplains. You may apply any time, but will not be approved until you have met all requirements, including having done at least one deployment.

More information can be found at our Chaplaincy page found here.

The Advanced section of the Disaster Chaplaincy Track includes training from six different highly qualified instructors on subjects such as basic disaster chaplaincy, physiological first aid, stress, grief, theology of trauma, compassion fatigue, PTSD, healing prayer, self-care, and much more. It contains four times more information than the Basic section. It is required training for those wanting to progress from an Assistant Chaplain to a Field Chaplain. Though not difficult, it is considered advanced training and is used as a continuing education for chaplains. More information on chaplaincy levels can be found here on our Chaplaincy page.

If you have not yet become a CRI Responder, you can do so by attending a live CRI training. As a CRI Responder you are eligible to deploy to disasters and crisis situations around the world, and link arms with others who share the vision to reach the harvest in crisis. 

Summary - The Disaster Chaplaincy Track is open to everyone! It has Basic and Advanced sections, each of which meets different requirements for CRI Chaplains. You have to be a CRI Responder before becoming a CRI Chaplain but not before taking this Track.

How it works

Participation in this course requires watching videos and answering questions. In each chapter, you will need to view the videos and complete every quiz. You have to correctly answer 80% of the questions to earn a passing grade. If you answer a question incorrectly, you will have an opportunity to re-answer the question at the end of the quiz if needed. This track is designed for individual use only and is not set up or permitted for group use. Some advantages of this online training are you can work through the track at your own pace, and you can go back and review whenever you want.

At the end of the track, if you are already a CRI Responder, you will be asked to fill out a brief form in order to update or create your own personal responder profile in our Responder Level System. This will keep track of your online and live training events as well as deployments and other achievements so that you are adequately credentialed and receive all CRI Responder benefits, deployment notifications, and updated badges.  Again, if you are not already a CRI Responder, we encourage you to attend a live training.

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